The Journey Begins: First Letter


Macon, Georgia

May 12th, 1905

To: Mr. J.C. Key

From:  Georgia Academy for the Blind

Dear Mr. Key,

I write to tell you that our school will close next week, and that Cora will leave here at 8 a.m. in the morning, on May 19th.  If you have not sent her money, please do so.  

She is well.  

With kind regard, I am

Yours, Truly,

T.U. Conner,


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Welcome, I'm Jessica. I renovated and moved into my grandparents' old home in early 2018. When my grandmother Jane was alive, she loved to sit outside on a swing with her cat Boots (who still lives here) and read. As we were cleaning up around the house I found a box of letters sitting in a swing outside that she was going through in the time before she passed. I stored them away and recently started reading through them myself. 100 Years of Letters is intended to share those family letters (some of which are over 100 years old) with the world and to keep the history behind them alive. Curl up with your coffee, a cozy blanket, and possibly a cat, and join me on this journey through history!

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